Botox Membership

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Save Over $500 Annually

Initial Dues:  $299 (non-refundable) Plus Monthly Fee:  $99 . Total Due Today:  $394 (Initial Dues + Initial Fee)

What's In It For Me?

4 Botox treatments a year with up to 30 units per treatment

Discounts Galore!

10 % OFF Any Dermal Filler

15% OFF The Perfect Dermal Peel

20% OFF Any IV Therapy Treatment

20% OFF PRP Facial

Cancellation Policy:

A member may cancel his/her membership at any time with at least a 30 day advanced notice. Written notice must be received either in person at the Exclusive Care Wellness Spa or via email at  

Term Contract Cancellations - No early cancellation fee will be charged at the time the contract is terminated.

Contact  us at 713-893-0000 to start your membership today.